How to Find Time To Train in the Summer

How to Find Time to Train in the Summer

Summer is a special time of year.  Summer is a time for vacations, long days, and busy schedules.  With everything that is going on in your life, its hard to discover how to find time to train in the summer.  Summer presents several challenges for athletes but it can be also the most rewarding time to train!  Stick to these few tips and it will be easy to find time to train in the summer!

Beat The Heat

They call them the dog days of summer for a reason.  Summer is hot!  Training in the heat can have some positive benefits but it can also be very challenging!  Training in the heat can actually be detrimental to performance because you cannot push as hard.  Your body will use more energy and tire more easily.  I would suggest scheduling your training sessions during off-peak times.  Try to train in the early morning or in the evening when the sun is not as hot.  You will be able to train harder and it will be more enjoyable!

Shorten Your Workout

Wait, what?  This is probably the only time I will suggest something like this.  But honestly, it is a good idea.  First of all, the older I get the shorter my workouts have become.  This is mostly a product of life being busy.  There is not much time left to train after family, work, friends, and recreation.  Summer makes finding time to train all that much harder!  The days of the 3 hour workouts are long gone for this dad.  The best way to find time to workout out in the summer is to make shorter workouts.  Make sure you have a plan and then stick to it.  Planning out what you are going to do before hand will make you much more efficient.  Schedule time to warm-up, improve mobility, work, and cool-down.  Flip the switch as soon as you start training.  Make every second count and don’t waist any time.  You will be shocked how much work out can get in when you are efficient!

Train While on Vacation

People are always telling me that they haven’t been able to work out because they have been on vacation.  I have never understood that.  I love to train while on vacation!  Running is one of the best ways to explore a new area and help yourself feel good while away.  Running can help decrease jet lag and can make you feel fresh when you are far from home.  Most of us love to eat while on vacation.  It’s a perfect way to explore an areas culture, and it’s delicious!  To be honest, I usually eat a little too much while on vacation.  However, if I start my day off with a run, then problem solved!

Turn Recreation into Fitness

The best part about the summer, is how accessible the world is.  The beautiful weather opens up a plethora or possibilities!  There is no reason why training has to take place in the gym or on the track.  Try turning one of our favorite summer past-times into a cross-training activity.  For example, I love to go mountain biking.  Mountain biking is fun, exciting, and hard!  It’s important for me to spend time in the woods in the summer and mountain biking gives me one heck of a workout!  Whether it’s swimming, hiking, sports or rock climbing, make sure you spend sometime outdoors and active!

Stop Making Excuses

I think the big, white elephant in the room is that we are lying when we claim to not have time for fitness.  No matter what time of year.  I assure you, you have time.  Sometimes the biggest obstacle in our way is ourselves.  I understand the desire to relax and have fun, especially during the summer!  However, make the time for fitness.  Not because you need to lower your time at your next 5k, but for your health.  Exercising will improve you mental, physical and emotional health!  Take the time to create a stronger, healthier and happier you because you deserve it!

Enjoy the end of your Summer

As summer is winding down to a close, make the best out of these last few weeks!  If you are having trouble finding time to train this summer try some of my favorite tricks. Train when its cooler, shorten your workouts, train while on vacation, turn recreation into fitness, and stop making excuses!  I love solving problems so if you still just can’t find the time to train, leave me a comment and I would love to brainstorm with you!

-Dr Gary Frye, PT, DPT


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